Franka Meiland

Training & Consult

Because of the lack of an effective medication, the increase in the number of people with dementia, the pressure on informal carers and professional care, it is of utmost importance to provide good care and support for people with dementia and their carers.

I would like to contribute to that! I have over 30 years of experience in scientific research in this field and I want to put my knowledge into practice as much as possible through training and consultations.


What is eHealth? It stands for electronics based applications to improve health. The electronic applications can be very diverse, from very simple applications (remote control) to more complex applications (robots).

The fact that human care remains necessary in this respect is no point of discussion in my opinion. What is at stake is how we can combine the two, so that we can continue to provide good care to the growing group of elderly and vulnerable people, both now and in the future.


What's new in the world of eHealth and dementia care? Read about the latest developments and scientific publications.

About me

Improving and innovating the care for people with dementia and their carers is my mission. I want to contribute to this through trainings, consultations or lectures.